I can’t choose between WordPress and Blogger

Which bloggin platform should I use, get paid on WordPress or get paid on Blogger?

From my experience Blogger is a cool platform the only problem with it is that you have to ask for permision to run ads on it, in my experience running ads is crucial on any bloggin platform if I may and if you do not let people to run ads on their blog I’m sorry but you will lose your clients, I’m just saying quit talking about the stupid rules you have and community guidelines nobody cares about them rules were made to be broken and if you continually stick to the rules you will always fail in having a more successful life.

This is my personal opinion on this if you deny the right to make money on your platform then its useless and people will leave it or they will choose something else, this is just the reality of it, I chose WordPress even if I am paing for a plan, that plan can bring me money, if it does not bring me what I need them I’m going to quit and this is the end of story, face the facts or the facts will face you.