The Start of a New Age

The end is near I can feel it, sometimes we want something so bad we are willing to give everything for it, it’s not the chance for me, I have been destroyed by incompetence and hate I have been murdered by ignorance and evil, I personally thought If I am good enough I will survive, well, that has happened I survived, and you could survive too if you want it bad enough, you have to want it man, like really really bad to make it, people ain’t fair I know but you have the power you are the owner of your own soul, control yourself and never let go of the past, it’s a trick I use to trick my mind into believing that if I forget the past it will go away, it never goes away, not this way anyway, it never goes away the past was/is/and/there will be anyway so instead of forgetting the past you should learn to let go of the past, this is the difference between life and death situations, do not forget your past but instead try to let go of it, it’s easy , everybody can make it, and you will make it with my help, as long as I am alive I swear this oath to you, I will do my best in trying to help you out by any means necessary, I will save your life if I have to just to let go…

If you want this come be by my side, and together we will rule the world in peace and prosperity, if not then I feel sorry for you bro, take care.

Published by Asethabalanar

Artist of Life

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