My Life My Rules

I wanna write about stuff like this I know I can be seen with this thing on. WordPress is ok for writing my ideas can be a little bit strange lately but I am ok with it. I was talking about a lot of stuff, maybe good or maybe bad I’m not sure, the thing is I am sort of scared about the future, it can be a little disturbing. I can use fancy words or I can write fancy words its my choice, well I have chosen WordPress for my blogging platform because I can be seen with it people can feel my shit and there’s nothing wrong about it, ok we are human but in a way most of us don’t understand, I am human you are human, but what about artificial intelligence, are they human too? Let me think about it, can a robot become human? Can a robot feel like me, feel my pain feel my anxiety? No they can’t not a the level they are right now. I consider this more likely to be evolution than ever before, robots can’t feel us right now but they could with this slight adjustment if you put feeling in a machine it will try to deny it or give you errors its not that they don’t want to feel it they don’t understand it that could make them half machines and half human like a bionic cyborg, mutant computers half human and half machine, that’s wired right? but it could be true, in the future I assume machines could have feeling but right now they need to make the discovery it will be a big one I know it.

God save us all, have peace, have faith and never ever give up trying.