My dreams are getting fulfilled

As I roam around the world like that, I get this wired feeling like someone is watching me I feel seen now. Well as my desires grow and grow I feel the need to talk about some of my acomplishements.

I have found cryptocurrency a vial need of getting paid while doing nothing but sleeping. I dream about money by the way you need that. I dream about having sex. I dream about my ex lovers. I dream about my family and friends, and I dream about all the needs that I currently have.

No. I am not on drugs this is an illusion. I am on what you call medicine, recommended by the doctor and taken by choice. I felt absolutely wrong in the meanwhile while I was taking that medicine that made me sick.

I am bipolar now, this disease is getting me crazy and on and on as I talk about it I feel the need to tell you that I’m getting better now.

The doctors reduced my medicine dosage and now I take two pills in the morning and two pills at night just to get me sleep.

I also drink cannabis tea which is legal in Romania and has calming effects. I smoke tobacco and drink energy drinks daily.

My vices are like this : psychotic medication, tobacco ( cigarettes) , cannabis tea, energy drinks and soda. These are it, this is kind of all I know for now.

If there is something new to pop up in my life be sure that I will let you all know.

Until then speak kindly and never ever forget that the truth is not that far from the lie. Thank you everybody get well soon, peace.