I have not forgotten you


Even tho it was a while for me to get past this trauma that I had in the past years, it was a long heavy road ahead of me, the road of silence, just like the silence of the lambs, it was something, and it was something there anyway, even tho I donțt have money to pay my subscription to wordpress, yet.

I will pay them I will give them the money, they deserve it, everybody deserves a second chance not just me, I am a good guy I do not judge, there is a God out there which is beyond more powerful than our imagining, there is a God there is a Jesus Christ, he was one of my favorite men, until I discovered that I am like him, I could be him, and I could follow him, not on the cross but generally speaking like Jesus and stuff like that.

He was a guy which many of us think was pre-historical, well much of it is not actually true, in my imagination the figure of Jesus Christ is quite deformed.

He was indeed crucified but I don’t think he deserved all the fuss about him, he was indeed somebody.

I cannot deny that Jesus was somebody but I also cannot deny the fact that I write this with capital letters ” WAS” he „WAS” somebody now I don’t know who is he but anyway we will find out in the future, the God above us will show us all in good time, until then I want to thank Jesus for the inspiration he gave me and the ideas which helped me grow.

For this I thank you Jesus Christ for sacrificing yourself for us. May God rest your soul in peace.