Cake and Sweets are my weakness

I always say the truth no matter what no matter of all the consequences I can have, and yes my weakness are sweets and cake and everything sweet.

These are my weaknesses but don’t get me wrong I don’t eat cake because I am weak I eat cake because I cannot stop myself from doing that, this has nothing to do with fear, fear is something separate of weaknesses. A girl asked me what is my weakness and I didn’t tell her when I had the chance she only told me that everyone has weaknesses but at the time I didn’t know mine, but the weakness was still there even if I didn’t knew it was my weakness I kind of was afraid of that somehow. Now my fears are that I cannot conquer myself or my weaknesses or my fears to live the best possible life I could live in my country and my situation, considering the fact that I am bipolar now and on medicine this kind of makes sense.

Now the best thing I think I could do is get out of any thing that could possibly hurt me or manipulate me or go through changes, now I can see clearly my own soul and I can tell you that my soft spot is sweet.

Here you go internet go around living your best life with all this psychological world going on, damn, this my gift to you find your sweet spot your weakness and you will be stronger than ever, accept my gift and you will have a great comfortable life always now and forever, thanks so much for this opportunity to tell you all my greatest weakness I appreciate all you help, kisses and goodbye.