The slaves of a natural world


The guess I have is that we are the slaves of nature, we are here given a purpose in life, our life, we are merely the walk through of nature, nature living inside of us and calling out our name, Asethabalanar, this is my natural name and my birth given name is Gabriel Catalin Baltac, but my true nature calls out for me in the form of Asethabalanar, that is my natural cause and while I still have this natural given Name Asethabalanar I am nothing but the slave of nature the Worker of the great infinite wisdom, I need to read books and explain myself in this form so you can see and watch myself in manifestation of my natural causes.

This is not even a lie or worse the Truth, I live by the worldy name of Gabriel Catalin Baltac but my inner being’s name is Asethabalanar, I don’t know it feels just like I am living those two lives the Agent Smith said to Neo in the Matrix.