Good Karma

I wanna write today from my home, it was a bad day today but it does not matter what you give you get, if you give pain you get pain if you give love you get love, I’m kind of quiet right now because I don’t know what to do yet. These thoughts are so private I can’t even tell them anymore I just want to sit in a cozy bed all day just reading my books and nothing more, I feel like the apocalypse is closing in on us all, well that ain’t far from the truth is it.
We are all going to die but all that matters is how we spend our time, quit wasting time, time is made of life he can’t die now.
I am talking about this now because each time I wake up from my bed in the morning it feels like all those meteor showers closing in on the earth, eh ain’t that far from the truth.
My hommies calling me crazy and stuff it is karma wtf. Karma closing in on us all. Shit .