I loved one person


I loved one person, it was terrible, I still have nightmares with her, her name is forgotten, her duty is beheld, we shall meet again maybe in the afterlife, please forget me, please forget who I was as a person, don’t look at me, run away, curse my name, leave all my place I still go to, leave everything behind, leave the world behind, my world is torn apart, the girl I loved hates me, every girl I meet is nothing but a shadow compared to that, only the memory of it is enough for me to come back to the same place, I feel alone, I feel like everybody is dying and I am too. I feel like nobody cares about this and nobody ever will, am I going to die alone?

What is with this question everything is so easy, every thought I had every sin I’ve made, it just took me further and further, long long time ago when I was a kid I didn’t know that my life will be like this, I never knew… and even now I don’t know what am I supposed to do in this situation.

What is your advice how can I overcome a lost love it still hurts…