You had a bad day ❤️

Every time I see a good luck sign I wonder if that thing is specially made for me, I wonder if I own something, and I think about it day on and day in. I used to think at alot of things, I used to jave a lot of shit on my mind but now its just empty, I can’t think of anything straight up. I had alot of issues growing up as a kid, I had teeth problems and I also had a big head.
As a kid I always liked to climb trees. It was those years before the smartphones were invented. Everybody would go outside and play and I think that is brilliant.
People like me with my disorder have alot of uncommon things to do like , when you go ahopping or go to the casino or eat with friends, they really enjpy a good time, people like me are always furios at something, always raging on and on and on with complete nonsense.
We like to go outside and play, we like to hang out in the club, have sex, enjoy dinner parties and so on.
The complete guide to my profession is skill, a lot of skill, you need this to go up and not stay down, skill is mandatory in my profession.
I will soon start college and I wonder if I am going to do the same things I used to do. Because sometimes I feel like nothing is changed, we are all the same, every time, just like robots.