The fear


I am afraid that one day I will tell my parents that I am not on medicine anymore, I am afraid that if I tell my parents that I don’t take my pills it will get worse after all, what can happen if I don’t take my pills anymore?

Good question, if I don’t take my medicine what can happen? I really don’t know I have been taking drugs for about six years now and I can’t feel a thing except for being sleepy all the time, it just makes me numb.

All these pills make me numb, I am a numb person. I can’t feel a thing, I take drugs from my doctors to feel better but the feelings never fade away, they just sit there in my heart all the time, feeling like this makes me anxious, the drugs I take for a while now have been kicking in everytime I take them, after I take them at night I fall asleep almost instantly, I can’t even move my face.

What the fuck is going on now boys? You take medicine to feel better but it just makes you dizzy, holy shit. This is insane I take pills for 6 years and I feel like shit, these are the doctors who tell you about health they give you pills to make you numb.

Make you feel worthless and nothing because they think they are smarter than you, rofl.

In Romania doctors ain’t shit, they just flee the country for more money, they don’t give a damn about this country. In Romania doctors abuse power not politicians. Doctors have the power to lock you in a mental hospital while the police locks you in jail , so what is the actual difference between a doctor and a police officer? None.