My addiction to slot machines and casinos

I just lost 10 ron at the local casino, I am addicted to gambling, I have this addiction for a few years now, I can’t stop playing from time to time, I have been a few times now, I don’t gamble or bet every day, its just there, my addiction, I lost all my money on a slot machiene, the money my dad worked for I lost them in 2 minutes, I felt so used and useless I feld so bad that I lost my money and I thought I should share this feeling with you.
It feels empty, it feels like nothing is in you or around you, its just pointless to play anymore, I feel and felt so bad for betting my 10 lions or ron, I feel stupid now, now I know where all the stupid shit comes from, the casino. I need to quit this and save my money it really hurts to know that I still play this since 2016. Its been a long time coming, this addiction of mine is really there and I need to overcome it, I need to find new ways to spend my money on, the casino is not the solution, I am sorry…

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