I need money to buy a house


This article is for everybody who once struggled to buy a home. This article was made for all the people in the world who are homeless or just want to buy a home. We see you and we encourage you to do so. Houses are very expensive in these times. We want a house, a home, a place to belong, but do we actually need it? The world is spinning the planet is spinning around the sun, the climate is changing, time is going by, do we really need a place to stay or can we just move from a place to another?

I am asking this because I saw people struggling with debt and depression because they didn’t have a house or a home to live in. I saw people living on the street looking for food, I saw people sleeping on the bench at night and day. How do we call them? Just homeless? Just give them one dollar to buy a beer?

I really think these people need help I really think these people should receive more attention than they currently have, I want to know more about this subject so I’m going to leave this right here. Why do we hate on people who do not have a home and they live on the street?

I’m not saying that I don’t have a home I am just saying how could we do this? How can we make them recover how can they call that a life? The difference between us is huge, I have seen people so poor they don’t have food on the table, I have seen so much poverty in the world that I am amazed by it. There are people so rich that they buy islands or land on the moon and I have seen people who die because they don’t have food.

Can we call ourselves human if we witness these spikes of richness? What is money in fact but just a paper we run around from one to another. What is real money? What are we fighting for here?