For the Love of Money


For the love of money, there is nothing much to say about money I got links on my blog you can find them to download money making programs and earn passive income, the love of money is real most people like money for the things that they can buy, there is nothing to be ashamed of, money will come to you if you respect your promises, if you come home with a broken heart and pockets empty then it is bad for you, I feel like this because I also know how it is to have nothing in your pockets, I also live on the verge of existence, I am broke but a cute broke guy.

I need more money to supply for my needs but money as we speak it won’t come to me if I spend it on useless things like love cars and females, I don’t need no prayer to bring me wealth, all I need is a good sense of humor and pockets full of cash, people need money to survive, I need money for my own pleasure, I only need the money I can buy, but the money I spend is useless to me, only love for the big boys.

Ok so money is a necessity in these days, money is very versatile money is luxury money is something you go out late at night for your night shifts to get home and eat your salad because you are vegan.

I’m not saying money is bad I’m just saying that money is useless, if you feel useless then you also love money.

Money is useless for two reasons : one you always have money and two you always need money. You can never have enough money, money is infinite.