Trust the process


There is a process in which we humans are born and raised its called growing up, when you become an adult you know things that you didn’t know before this is called maturity.

When you reach a certain age you start to see people differently you start to feel new things growing up inside of you you have a sense of delicate smell you feel things like you are reborn and you start seeing things like they were never true or false they just are.

You feel amazed about this new perspective brought to you by numerous people that you can feel them you have a sense of complacent you see different perspectives like augmentation and start realizing virtual reality better and better and what can this bring into your life with different other perspectives and so on.

You bring to the world a new idea of the idea of being complacent the idea of revitalization and irrigation, the idea of surprise, you never would expect this to happen and it did.

You fell new not because you are a baby but because you have awakened, you feel revitalized by new images and sensations each day passing you feel the freshness of the air calling you by your real name.


And the people start adapting to your new ways…

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