Third Eye Open

Many people deny the fact that we have three or more eyes on our body. I believe we have more than three eyes. The third eye open process begins when you are empty of yourself, when you feel nothing when you are gone. Thats when you have your third eye open when you fall into the void. When you are empty of yourself, ahen you feel emphathetic when you feel empathy, if you are an empath you should know that your third eye is open. The eye of the mind or the mind’s eye is the eye of your brain, besides the two eyes which you can see conciously, subconsciously you see with your third eye, so you know its there. Well and the third eye has a number of factors, you are awake, you are asleep, or you are dead, the third eye continues to see after death also, you may be dead but your spirit sees a while after your passing into thd afterlife.
Third eyes open are usually used to describe mythological or antropological objects as thoughts , in our history men and women didn’t think all thee time they had phases of thinking conscious and unconscious, people thought about thinking like they would think with different parts of their body which is untrue. We can think with our whole being being conscious makes our spirit alive.
Conscious thinking happends when you are awake and you meditate. Meditation is used to raise the vibrational field you deliver in the world and the vibrations around you. We are nothing but water and bone so think in waves or even fractional realities may come and go as you experience life itself, you can think of yourself as an alien or extraterestial being or even as a bird. You may think of yourself as a reptile which is untrue, at some point in life we all were nothing but unicelular beings like bacteria or even viruses. We were nothing but murlocs in the sea after that we evolved into beings and pur evolution started from the birth of nature, with the birth of nature there was the birth of everything, nature is all around us, our skin is made of molecules found also in trees and grass, pur thoughts are nothing but images as we conceive and see with our eyes, and yes you can see thoughts 🙂