The Road to Zion

Something beautiful is about to happen. Just wait and see. Many people of my generation have been abducted by aliens.
Can you see them? They have been taken by extraterestrials and put to sleep by a magnetic force of the heaven. Zion is a place of wonder is a place just like Azeroth, it keeps on giving even if we take more than we give, it’s just a place of beautiful magic and wonder. Many of us may have been told that we are alone in the universe. Well we are not. There are people here from other dimensions who are waiting for a call back to heaven.
We came, we saw, we conquered. This is veni vidi vici.
We saw, we conquered. That is the point of us all. We are here to spread love not hate so lets all get along. I come from a different world a different dimension and I say fuck them. We don’t need haters so fuck off. Ok when you see me on my bike just quit yelling. We are the people who made this change long time ago. We came to set a higher purpose for our brothers and sisters. We came here to do what nobody else can, we are unique and special we are robots we are human.
The road to zion means that each path you take in life will eventually lead you back to the same place like you were running in circles, everything is a cycle. You come back to see deeper truths 🙂