Some people are happy some people are sad

I have been sad for a while. Facebook blocked me, instagram still works, love is beautiful, everywhere I go just looks better than where I was before, things are starting to happen, people leave and people come. Its just a cycle. Love is a cycle women have menstruation and menopause. Women can carry children, but what do us males do? I don’t know. Women do all the job in raising a kid. If I had a boy I would name him Bogdan and if I had a girl I would name her Sonya.
Sonya and Bogdan my children boy and girl. Sonnia would be a beautiful lady and Bogdan a veautiful boy. These are just dreams, fantasies in my head. I write this because my imagination works I can create anything I write and I really have ideas, boys and girls all along there was something missing. Me as a father , boy oh boy I wish I was a father. A good father to my kids. I wish I was a dad. Its time to make a family. Its time to raise my children. Its time to make things happen for us. No more waiting. I have been waiting all my life. Its time to grow up kids.

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Artist of Life

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