Romania is my home❤️

Romania is my home, my birth land. I was born in Bucharest on 14 of june 1992. I was born under the sign of the gemini of the zodiac. I am a gemini born june 14 in Romania in the year 1992 I’m 28 at this moment.
I am witing from the park right now.
Its dark, its september. The cold is kicking in. Romania is brutal, Romania is force, we love Romania for its full throttle build. It is the best country of the world. In Romania everything is possible, even bad luck. You can go outside and feel nothing at all. Everybody performs well right here. Even the birds are alive and well, Romania is the land of forgiveness, a great pharaoh was born here in 1992 and thats me🙂 this is my country my birthland and I will do anything necesary to protect it.
Everybody comes and goes but here is just a world of people who just go insane in a blink of an eye they just collapse and wait until they go again in the caroussel.
Romania is the best country if you want to visit sometimes in the woods or the beach they just got everything you need tourism here is just as awkward as usual. They just want to go outside and play. We are here to protect the land, protect Romania and protect ourselves, we do not like people who tell us what to do so we rebel and riot and protest until we go insane. We just think at this moment the way all of people do. We just sit back and go crazy , we start halucinating and please everybody else.