My Path

My path was full of highs and lows of ups and downs, I have been defeated I have been victorious but sometimes I felt disappointed by the people I have loved, at the end of my life I would like to say that it was a cool ride, I loved it I was born to love all men and women and all life, I was born to love life. 

This is what I would say about me, that I’m a lover, I’m a gamer, and I will be a father, I will always rise again and again, life is a never-ending cycle, you win some you lose some, you win again and again and again until you won at life.

I feel like a winner because of the satisfaction I get from my work, I really feel like I’m doing the right thing, the thing that I was meant to do, I never felt this way before, it was like a cataclysm…

Until the day I leave this earth for you my loved ones I leave a trace of love and a path to follow me in my footsteps…

I leave kindness and love and appreciation, I leave a path of fulfillment and love and peace to all mankind and all living ones…

I leave a path not forgotten but forgiven… I leave a path of kings, a life of a great king… a life meant to be lived by only the strong and understood only by the bravest women.

My path is a path of love and peace of forgiveness and enjoyment, of pleasure and sadness…

My path was meant to be remembered.

I am remembered, I will not be forgotten, people will love me again.


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