My country is my pride.


I will live and die in Romania, this is my country my soul my everything my all.


I live for my country, FOR MY PEOPLE. FOR MY FAMILY.

I live to defend Romania.

I am a child of this country.

I am a patriot, I live to serve Romania and all Romanians.

I live to love my country and die by the Romanian flag.

I live in my country.

My country is my soul my body and my blood.

The blood of my ancestors.

The blood of my people.

The blood of millions of men and women and children who fought to live in a free world.

The blood of all humans who served under their flag.

The blood of all patriots.

The blood of a thousand men aching in despair to protect everything they loved in this life.

The blood of a human.

We are Romanians. We will never give up. We will never give in. We will never surrender. We are one.