Kind heart.


I love the way you write, I love everything about you. I love every woman, every girl, every mother.
I always love and respect something I am proud of.
My love for my family and women and nature is infinite.
You cannot say how many things I took after me when I left.
I took it all.
I took it all to the heart.
I took it all in, all my pain and struggles and my sorrow.
It is sad, but it is possible. When you believe in yourself. I feel it, I feel you.
Kind people reading this message, there is someone outside of you who really and deeply cares about you forever wherever you are.
Never forget and forgive everybody.
We are all one big happy family together.
This is you and this is me, we are one nature, one human, one being.
Have peace and kindness within you friends…

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