I forgot I loved you.


To all the girls I loved to all the women I loved and to all the childhood memories I have, I need to let it all go, I need to forget everything, I need to let you go, I need to let our love go, I need to forget you.

I am not sorry I need to move on I need to leave the past behind me, I need to find new love, a new girl, a new woman to share my passion and devotion to, all my past girlfriends were awesome, all of you, I will never regret loving you but I need you to know that I have moved on and I am fine without you, I didn’t make this decision by myself you did too.

You decided to leave me so I decided to forget you. An eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth. If you leave me I forget you, If you cheat on me I will leave you and I will not be sorry about it. I can’t stand cheaters liars and so on…

Love is not easy, real love hurts, basic love heals, powerful love empowers, and so on… There are many kinds of love, which one would you choose? The love I’ve chosen to become is the love left in me by so many women that I have been with, all their gifts are with me anytime, I have left, loved, and forgiven so much, and I still have to love and forgive further in my life, all I need is a little patience and everything will be ok.

For all the heartbroken people out there I have a message: „Don’t lose hope, and don’t forget to forgive” Forgiving is the only medicine to a broken heart. Forgiving heals your heart and soul, forgiving is divine and its sent to us by God.

I have God in me as long as I forgive, when I stop forgiving I will probably die but I will die with my heart thinking at God… this is the way I want to die.

I will die a happy man, even if I die today and today was my last day, I would die a happy man.

I will start moving on, I will find love again, I will love again, with all my heart, never forget who I was but I’m dying to meet the new man I have become.

God Bless!