I am here to live ­čÖé

Nobody is perfect and neither am I but we all make mistakes in life. I just want to say that I am really happy and I enjoy my life the way it is. If I can improve it then so be it. People change and so do I. I just have to keep up with the pace with the change. I came to earth to do good and I will do good as long as you love me and I feel love. People die each day. Then why should we complain with living a bad life?
You should go and make your parents proud not make them cry before they fell asleep.
I am proud of my parents even if we fight. I have a bad feeling about this but anyway.
I love the way girls are on my back all the time.
Love the way women treat me. They love me.
I love the way a girl touches her hair. I love the way a girl touches her lips. I love the way any girl looks at me. I love women. I love girls. I love females. A woman made me and a woman will make my sons or daughters. So why cry about being single with all these girls around when you feel hopeless. It is like a void inside of you reaching, creeping, beneath the skin. The force of gravity pulls you to me. I am like the sun. I am like the earth. I have a force field around me. My heart is like the earth’s core you get pulled to it. I have a heart of gold. I am not mad. I am powerful, I am big and beautiful.
I am attractive.