Every day is a new beginning, every day is a new challenge


When I say this, don’t think of me as an actor, think of me as a poet, I like to rhyme but rhyming does not define me.
I am always on the run, always on the go, maybe if I found something for myself, a hobby a job anything…
I always go and come, as the sun rises and sets at night.
I am more of a human being distracted from the truth but don’t realize that the truth is in me, I am the truth.
Being a poet is hard enough I need more stamina, I need more people to like me, I need more friends to hang out with, come together and join the fray, this is the Illuminati speaking.
I am illuminated, I am illuminated, I have the third eye open, I am awake, I have real dreams to accomplish, I am young but I am not a fool.
I come here to bring peace on earth, to end the wars, to end this war.
If I can save an insect from dying I can save mother earth and all nature from dying, we will survive mom, I trust you.