Come to the Dark Side we have cookies

 I am here and feeling blue because all of these comes from you.
I feel sad and depressed because when you left you left me undressed.
You told me you ain’t never going away.
I told you I’m here to stay.
Romania is my homeland.
I forgive and I forget what the home means because of you.
I will always stay true.
You forgive me I forget.
Because you left me full of regret.
You told me the sun will shine.
I told you the moon is in line.
Brave soldiers have fought.
To protect and not forget, the land of the broken temple, of the people of the temple.
We forgive and then forget because people like you I regret.
I wish I never met you because you make me feel like the color blue.
Violets are red, this room is blue, when you think of me I feel you.
What do you feel after all this time? When my feelings for you aren’t worth a dime?
I feel you because you see what is good and left in me.
I have felt like a man, I respect the woman all the time.
Woman where are you? You left me singing this song and feeling blue…