All the people that I love are my family.


All the people that I have ever loved and will ever love are my family.
It does not matter where you come from or where you are going to respect people always.
My friends are my family, my people are my family, my loved ones are my family, we are just one big happy family we share the same values and same ideas we are friends and family and loved ones.
I never judge a book by its cover so I am saying this because I always thought that friendships, good friendships last forever.
Real friendship is never lost.
Real people are never forgotten.
Always listen to your heart.
Please be patient with yourself.
You will find love, you will find your family, you will succeed.
Have faith in yourself, always trust yourself, and have confidence, always be confident about yourself.
You are the best version of yourself today.
So make today count.
You have been loved, you are loved, and you will be loved forevermore.
People love you for you they do not disrespect you they just care about you.
Real friends stay forever.
Real people trust themselves.
Real people are always real.
Real men and women never hurt you they protect you.
Humanity has been restored upon us.
Faith in Humanity Restored.