Facebook is bullshit


For me, Facebook has been and always be the greatest bullshit story ever told in our 21st century.
Think about it, a social network that censures you to speak only what they want and if they like it.
If you don’t follow facebook’s posting rules you get blocked from posting, commenting, and even liking something on facebook.
This is the greatest bullshit story that you are told, that you are free on facebook, nothing is free not even the money they make after advertising to billions of people.
They use us as cattle feeding us poor content and a lot of trash comments and they get paid for it, sincerely facebook I think it’s the worst website to hang on. You can find so many others like Twitter and Instagram where you don’t get banned so easily, my rating to facebook would be a 0 from 1 to 10.
Sorry, facebook I had to do this.