My gay guys

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing to do with yhe gay community it is just that I don’t like men, I am heterosexual and I like women, I like the vagina and this is how it goes, most people would not understand this but I am not interested in men, the only thing I want are women and that’s the end of story, I want a lot of women I want to bathe in women I love the women but I don’t love the gay community and LGBTQ I don’t like that they are mean and bad and should be treated accordinly to their needs, I don’t watch gay sexual intercourse I am not interested in that, but what do I do want is a big set of tits in my face from a woman, I am straight and I want you guys to be like me, only women, not men, and not even animals or children, I don’t play with that stuff, grown up pretty sexy women, that’s what I want now. Girls shout out to my friend the bee wacker, yes indeed.

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