The Sea is Calling


The sea is calling on us guys, we feel the water in our veins, we need it. It is the roots of our existence, the water is here to protect us to serve us and to assist us. We need the water like we need air, we need to survive this holocaust we need to survive this war.
Do whatever is necessary to complete the mission to complete the quest.
We need more people like you in our lives, we need honesty we need truth we need peace.
We need in our lives what we cannot get from external sources which means we should go and gather herbs to plant and eat. We need nature, we need more green nature, we need green plants to survive, this is our home mother earth guides us into our lives, we need more of the things we love.
We need love as we need life, we will die for love if it is necessary.
We need love in our life like we need life in our veins, we cannot live without love, we cannot live without water, we cannot live without our better half.
We need more of the things that make us happy and fulfilled.