In war nothing goes right

When you fight a war you cannot win, you can’t say you actually do what it was meant to be
You will always have disapointments in life but in a war zone there is nothing but death.
War cannot solve modern day problems and it cannot solve situations where it was meant to be peace.
Where war stars people start dying and we cannot blame them if they do so.
We don’t need a war to stay happy all we need is peace.
When you need people to stay in your circle you need all the effort you can get from them. You need to put the muscle to action to put some effort into different situation that come and go as they please. We cannot blame society the stupid people to say nah the book is evil when the people read the book they think it is stupid. You are not who you were meant to be if you think this way, society needs rwfreshments, needs air, needs nature, needs sun, needs rain, needs peace and quiet and restoration, we need the mountains more than we need ourselves, we need the trees more than we need water and air.
We need to come up with a plan where we can get up in the morning and smell fresh air not pollution. We need to make the world a better place, follow me into this mission and you will be surprised on what you will find, follow me now and you will live forever, follow me now and you will stay eternally in mother nature’s heart.