Free Humanity

This is my first post, by the end of the day I am glad I have made it through, I am happy with what I have acomplished, I am happy with myself, writing has given me such a privilege to express myself honestly not lying to myself.
I have come here to make a wish that some day I will be free from drugs.
I am keen to say that I want to stay clean and maybe just maybe start a new fresh life drug free.
I can honestly express myself only if I am not taking medicine I am sedated by drugs, I want to feel real love. I came to say that being alive is more important than being right , I am free because I choose to be this way not because my condition, I have a clear mindset and I am ready to face life’s challanges.
I am glad I made it here on this blog I can write my heart out.
Please be patient with me world because I am in full process of recovery.