The King of a Thousand Suns

 Today I woke up happy, today I am a happy man, nobody can tell me otherwise, I just woke up to this amazing new world of mine which I created and it is all so beautiful and sweet, so marvelous and keen. We all love a good laugh but when you are pretty and you know it you might just want to be like me. I am a role model for kids and girls, somebody could get inspired after reading this I am a role model for all people, not just kids, you can carry around in the womb my children but you can’t focus on hating me for no reason.
My kids will be the best children in the world even if I do not have children yet, I will have them someday, even if we like it or not. Children are important to us that is why we mistake kids for adults sometimes, they are newborn we cannot manipulate them they are as equal as we are, they can be very smart or they can be very foolish we cannot take into consideration the fact that people make babies and we have to make them too, like really, people make children, and we have to do this too for the sake of our world. I am the king of the thousand suns, I am the ruler of them all, I am machanga we invent words so they sound better on the camera, right? I want a wife and five children so they can take care of me when I die. I want my kids to be the best children in the whole wide world.