If I were a President!

If I were a president I would completely change Romania into other countries like Afganistan or Norway.
If I were a president I would do that for me or my country or the people I love, if I were a president I would #defund Trump, I would do it, I hate America and all Americans for the simple fact that they are filthy rich and we are poor as hell. America is a bad country to live in, I would suggest you move from America to other countries there is no place for me in America.
Me President Asethabalanar they would call me!
I would #defund all schools and put them on pipes and let all kids free their minds all by themselves not forced to learn if you want to learn something new it’s up to you and if you want to be stupid you can be stupid all your life if you want to.
So the next chapter of my life is dedicated to me in the hope that I will find what I am looking for and that is money, love, and true happiness🙂