I will be back soon

I have been thinking, which is the best, blog platform to write on if you guys know please tell me in the comments below.
I have been using blogger and WordPress now, my original website can be found at Asethabalanar this link.
I don’t know why, and I don’t know which is better but I have to stick to one of these while I write. Blogger or WordPress? If I think clearly I should go with Blogger because it is free but I cannot monetize it yet. WordPress gives me the ability to monetize my posts while on blogger I do it for free, at least for now. Blogger is free while WordPress is not. Blogger makes me write about poems while WordPress makes me write about ages and homes and people. I want a blogging platform that should last me a lifetime, I want to write my book of life like my diary.
Thinking this way I should choose blogger because it is more permanent than WordPress but this means I have to do it for free or I think I should do it for free at least for a little while.
While Blogger is free WordPress charges money more and more money for each individual benefit. While I cannot have a permanent WordPress website I should go for Blogger because WordPress needs money every year to keep my website on but what happens to my diary after I die? I want my story to last forever not just a lifetime, I want my story to go back in eternity, not just for a couple of years, I want my story to be permanent and free of charge for all to read it.
So this is why I am choosing Blogger for this, I could write on both of them for a while, but I have to make up my mind on which I am going to stay, Happy Haloween!