Am I crazy or not?

I just need to clear a few things up, people may say I am a little bit enthusiastic about this but I say they are all nuts. When calling somebody crazy or with a mental disease you have to figure out for yourself how did this person gets ill? You cannot say well you have a mental disease and that’s it. You need proof for that, you need facts you need evidence. Getting in a fight does not make you mentally unstable, suing somebody because he stole your parking lot may cost you a few dollars but hey you can be mental too. If you wish to proceed on the realm of mental diseases I might suggest you focus on yourself, I know very well how this may turn out to be, politics that is, the government does not want you to be healthy they want to get your money. How do they do that? They Vincent fictional diseases and if you act in a certain way that is the pattern of schizophrenia, a mental issue. Mental diseases may vary from a point to another but burying a friend doesn’t? I say they tell you you have a handicap because you’re more gifted than they are, I say they make you retarded because you are better than them, I say they tell you you’re a wreck because they are a wreck, not you dumbass, people project their own fears upon you, when somebody tells you you are crazy they are crazy because we can only see what we are we cannot think for somebody else, manipulation does not exist anymore it’s just a word without a meaning. We can only see what we are and nothing more, find yourself, stay true to yourself, and never never give up the fight, cheers!