Living in Romania

Living in Romania seems hard at first sight but eventually, you will get over it.

This is a beautiful country full of forest mountains and seaside.

You can come and move to my country with no problems. We have a lot in common we are the unique pieces of a whole puzzle put together by God almighty. We are unique and different from one another, we keep the species alive.

We Romanians are pure-hearted, loyal, and friendly. We keep nature intact here we move with nature pray to nature and cherish nature, we are a natural country that praises God the Creator of Worlds.

Me a Romanian man I cherish God and nature and I pray to the universe to take care of my country and be free.

I wish we all could get along and live our lives in peace and prosperity into this world I bring the love!

I bring love into this world as a father I am as a man and as a child.

Wish mother nature could see me now how I do my best to protect her.

Am a guardian of the flowers and trees and plants, I am a guardian of the earth and the sun and the moon and the whole universe is my witness.

I am a guardian of them all as a whole.

Those who pray to me to bring them mercy shall have a good and long life filled with prosperity good deeds, happiness, and joy.

We as Romanians take into consideration the possibility to bring beauty into this world. We shall unite and stand as one as the future unveils to us, into the capsule of time.

We as Romanians shall defend the gates between these Worlds that happen to be outside and inside of us all. We as Romanians have a duty to respect, we as Romanians shall defend the innocent and the weak and shall move into the future to make a whole new brother day for all mankind.

We as Romanians take into custody and responsibility to us that the fact that we are born in Romania makes us powerful beyond measure.

On these grounds, powerful leaders were born, we shall unite and take care of the whole world because Romania is unique, Romania is different, and Romania is beautiful. 🇷🇴