New People

This is the new year new me bullshit.
I came here on Blogger to get my shit together.
And eventually, I will get my shit together.
This is me, in the purest of forms, continuing graduating and smiling to you guys.
This is the new me new fresh born me.
Reborn that is.
I believe in Karma and I believe that eventually, we all will get what we deserve in life, some of us get more of that some of us get less.
But society today does not work that way anymore.
Society today has it all backward.
Society today does not know or has forgotten the word respect.
We don’t teach for the respect we preach respect.
We preach and teach the respect we want to receive in life.
We have goals, desires, plans, wives, kids, sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers we all have this.
We all are somebody’s, somebody.
So when I say new people I mean man we really need to look out for each other you know what I’m saying because this thing called life, you only get it now but when it is all over what are you going to do?
What are you going to do when you know there will come a time when it will end?
Life is limited. Time is limited.
The universe is infinite.
Time is not infinite, our time.
We got a choice: to live free from poverty fear and regret.
Or to live a lie consuming eating and destroying each other.
The choice is yours, but I dare you, choose wisely because the road you might take will be so hard that you will sometimes want to quit it but you can’t.
You cannot quit your job, your family, and your wife.
You just can’t do that anymore.