My own religion

My own religion is based upon, truth, forgiveness, and equality for an opportunity.
In my religion we all have a chance at life, we all have the right to live, we all have our lows and our highs, we all have our pleasures and our hurts, in my religion and the way I see it I was a mentor to you guys in the past but as a King, I will say that no matter how far you know you can go there is nothing more valuable and precious than time.
Time will always tell you the truth, time will always answer your questions, time will always heal you.
Time is more valuable than money time is more valuable than anything money can buy, time can even make you feel like you count in this world and it is ok to have a different opinion than others.
Time will tell you it’s ok to live a life nobody understands, time will always tell you how to dream more and eat less. Time will always have your back, time will always be true to you because you are time and we are one.
Time will tell you how to manage your work.
Time will be there for you when you know you’re not worthy of something.
Time will make you understand your own path in life, time will keep you up late at night and say to you in your head, it’s ok to not sleep, time will tell you it’s ok to not go to work, time will tell you it’s ok to be different than others.