Liberation From The Comfort Zone

You look different, you act differently, you speak differently, you think differently, it’s all about the change when you change you take all your burden away and throw that thing on somebody else’s back.
You know that you trust that, it’s your feeling, it’s your gut instinct talking to you.
It’s your survival instincts keeping you win, keeping you safe, keeping you alive?
Why do we have to go all through this hardship and change and pain and anguish just to erase some memories or bad habits of someone?
Why do we have to write every time the same old sentence just to be taught differently?
I’m just saying you know? 
It’s hard, it’s no easy job for just being you, yourself.
Keeping your shit together might be just the hardest thing you could ever possibly do in this life, I mean for real just look outside and enjoy the view, what do you see out there?
I’m just asking because this is very tempting to me as it is to you.
I might just go for a walk or something just to let you know how my day went because I’m feeling something and I don’t know if it is love if it is pain, or if it is just fear of the unknown.