Pharaoh’s Way

Pharaoh’s Way ideology is based on trust and truth.
We all want to speak our truth no matter how hard it would be.
We praise the truth of everything.
We are and stay true to ourselves.
We are and we must stay true to oneself.
We are and must go in a way where we can find the truth of everything.
I walk the path of forgiveness and truth.
These are the core principles of the pharaoh’s way.
Forgiveness and truth.
This is my path.
I use this truth as a baseline and a core foundation for my religion.
I am not a ruthless person, I have my flaws but somebody has to do this.
Because somebody needs a tribe of their own.
I am the leader and founder of the Pharaoh’s way.
I may find myself in difficult situations like adversity but life is always made of problems.
We must find a way to solve them.
We must find our path to forgiveness and truth.
We must find illumination.

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