My own religion

My own religion is based on trust, compassion to other human beings, and love.
My own religion is called The Pharaoh’s Way, considering the fact that I admit that I am a Pharaoh reincarnated into a human being, I am the God of the sun alive.
I worship the sun as I worship other living beings.
The foundation of my religion is compatibility, trust, integration, reflexes, and a keen eye on progress.
My religion is a new and modern religion and it is based on compatibility, trust, foundation, the basics, and spiritual enlightenment.
When the time is right you will all follow me on my path to enlightenment as the way I see it.
Being a pharaoh is like being a king, I am the king of my own noble aspects and religious views, I believe in the afterlife, I believe in reincarnation of life, I believe and trust in nature to be my guide in this life and the others, I believe that I am here with a purpose to found the new religion called Pharaoh’s Way.
It is the way that makes all things possible it is the way that light forms from the dark it is the way that the sun shines through the day.
It is the way of the sun and the eclipse and the moon and the stars it is the way of the universe combined into human form.
I am here to present you my own religion into my own system and facts and the matrix we live in, this is the world as we see it today, this is the modern religion created by me for all modern people and for the people who follow me through success.