Why women are traitors

Most of the women I have met have made me see that they are the most and biggest traitors in this world, nothing can be more traitorous than a woman cheating on you.
And when I say nothing I mean nothing can hurt as bad as being cheated on.
I have been cheated on, and women have cheated on their boyfriends with me.
So this is a ying and yang problem, a karma problem that they have if a woman cheats on you it’s called treason but if a man cheats on his woman it’s called that he is good looking.
I have a question for all women, why do you cheat on your man?
Why do you don’t you trust him?
Maybe you don’t like him well enough.
Maybe he is not your soul mate.
Maybe he is a scumbag after all
This is a good question, why do women cheat on their men?
Why do they cheat on their loved ones?
This only means to me that they do not love them anymore
This only means to me that women are in bad and fearful relationships all over the world.
This is how domestic violence spreads up.
A man can beat up a cheating woman if he wants or breaks up with her.
He only has two choices to make.
One is he starts being violent with her and he sticks up together, the other one is that they have to break up and start falling apart both of them.
So the major issue here is domestic violence.
So the only choice he has is to leave her alone.
The only possible choice is a breakup.
If they do not break up they will start fighting and this can lead to domestic violence.
If the man cheats on his woman, the woman can become violent also, it’s up to her to decide what to do and so on.
If the woman cheats the man can become violent and hit his woman.
It’s all up to choices here.
Either you have fidelity either you start fighting, either you break up.
The most common of them all is breakups.
The couples that do not cheat on each other do not break up.
While the couples that cheat upon each other end up falling apart and destroying families.
So either way, you take this and you stay single or meet with other girls for the rest of your life, either you find a wife and get married, either you cheat on her and start fighting and after all this trouble you eventually will end up single all over again.
The most common happening in the world is being single for no reason what so ever, this makes people bitter while being with a loved one makes people smart and happy.
Cheating is not an option for me or my family can lead to most of the breakups in the world.
We do not cheat because cheating makes you weak.
Cheating is for losers while fidelity is for winners, this is why I don’t cheat on girls.