There are three types of people in this world

There are three types of people in the world like there are three types of timings in the world.

There is the first kind of people who live in the past.
The second type of people who live in the present.
And the third type of people is those who live in the future.
Considering these types of people and their timings, I have classified them into 3 major categories.
First is the Pasters, second is the Presents and the third is the Futurists.
I personally call myself a Futuristic guy.
I live in the present and future but mostly in the future, some people live in the past and have present tendencies, and some live in the present and have futuristic tendencies.
The first class of people „the people from the past” are the poorest.
The second class which is the middle class of society has moderate earnings and they live in the present.
In the third class, rich people live in the future.
The majority of people live in the past and present, and this meaning the majority of people have poor to moderate-income earnings each month.
They usually have a job or two working nine to five jobs and so on, the system that they have is the pyramidal system which companies and large corporations use.
I also own a pyramidal system that I personally created for me right now.
This creation of mine, the pyramidal system of mine is used in working with CryptoTab Browser.
CryptoTab Browser is a browser that generates income for its users by daily use.
CryptoTab uses bitcoin to generate income.
CryptoTab is a money-making browser if you use it correctly you can get your money back from surfing the web.
My pyramidal system is used in a sense of money generating income passively by most of my institutionalized earning methods.
My pyramidal system is very successful and marvelous.
I am the first one to say this but the pyramid is my system and I am at the top of it, I am at the top of the pyramid.