A well made financial system

The financial system that we live in today is not that good anymore.
We need a new one, we need a new financial system for our parents our children and for ourselves.
I am starting to understand how this system works now.
It is just like a game we play in.
Our financial system is just a game that when played you will discover new methods of earning money or cash or cryptocurrency.
Our new way of thinking defines who we are as a person.
Our new imagination defines who we are as individuals.
Us as individuals define our own style and our own methods of investing capital into the market.
These are financial assets which used correctly can make any person rich in their own unique way.
Our system is based on individual investment plans rather than mutual funds system that the government has.
Our system is based on the person’s ability to generate income and what they are worth.
Net worth and brute worth.
The system that I own can make you rich in seconds after getting the idea after you get the point you will understand what I’m saying.
The point of my system and the foundation of my system is the idea, we are based on ideas if we have ideas we can generate income but if we don’t we won’t generate anything.
My point is that your net worth is defined by your financial intelligence IQ rather than the money you actually have, the more you know about money, the more you can make.
This is my net worth at this moment but in the future, it will be bigger than this.