Why am I homophobic

Gay marriage.
This sucks.
So let me tell you a private story that happened to me when I was 15 or 16 years old.
I was with some friends of mine at my house and we drank a lot and smoked weed and ethnobotanical joins.
We were high, drunk and I almost passed away in my bathroom throwing up my guts out from the alcohol and the substances I ingested
That experience to me was the worst of my life, firstly because I was so drunk and I had smoked crack or crank, which was an ethnobotanical joint with ethnobotanic weeds.
So that was bad firstly, I drank vodka combined with beer also and I was like really really smashed that night.
The truth about that night was as I was actually paralyzed and nearly in a coma from the substances ingested, I was actually raped by a friend of mine who came to my house. He came into the room while I was sleeping and literally ass raped me on the bed right there in my mother’s room.
I know this is pretty hard stuff to sink in but it’s the truth I swear to you guys that I am telling you the truth.
So this can lead to me pressing charges against my neighbor for literally raping me while I was drugged.
I can sue that bastard but I choose not to, I believe that life has its ways to revenge an act of violence against the human nature, obviously, it was without my consent.
Rape is called rape because it is made without each person’s consent, that is why only one of them wants that thing not both of them.
He just sticks it up in me and after that, he left the room like he didn’t care what happened.
The truth is it was a really painful experience for me admitting this rape.
It just took a lot of guts to do it.
Not everybody can admit such things and it is very painful to be raped or violated in your own home.
This is my story for tonight, this is why I am homophobic now, I cannot stand gay people I don’t hate them I don’t love them, I just don’t care about them at all.
I am not gay, I am a straight heterosexual man, but that experience that night gave me the freaking chills man.
This is what could happen if you go to prison, for me it just happened in my own home.
I tell you to be careful what you do and who do you bring into your home because a friend today might be a foe tomorrow 🙂
Take care guys!
All peace and love.
I love women and women only, love the pussy!