Zeratul Gameplay

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Today I’m going to talk a little about Zeratul from Hots, I know he’s a very strong mele assasin and all but I personally developed a playstyle with him bursting my mele damage instead of my abilities and I want to show you guys what’s my combo so maby I can inspire you guys to do the same with him if you like it enough.

My talent builds are like this :

  • Level 1 : Move Unseen
  • Level 4: Darkness Within
  • Level 7: Warp Skirmisher
  • Level 10: Might of the Nerazim
  • Level 13: Mending Strikes
  • Level 16: Master Warp-Blade
  • Level 20: Nexus Blades

So with this talent build I focus mostly on dealing high damage from my basic attacks I got improved Vorpal Blade for that second teleport to enemy so they don’t escape fast enough.

I don’t know how good this build is but I made this for me and I thought I could help you guys out if you don’t know which talents to select with Zeratul, This could be a really cool heads-up for you guys.

If you never thought that you could do more mele damage with Zeratul then think again because he is an invisible stealth assasin that can deal tons of melee damage if the right talents are chosen.

I got myself lifesteal improved attack speed and an extra vorpal blade so I can close the gap between me and my enemies quicker, So I won’t lose time chasing them.

Zeratul is an outstanding 1v1 Hero with this given talent build you can solo most heroes in the game 1v1. The thing that I like the most about Zeratul is his invisibility and the ability to cast a second time another given spell ability, You can choose to cast cleave or Singularity Spike, or Teleport whichone do you want, and you can zone faster.

I personally chose this build for me because I prefer doing mele damage instead of focusing all the time on my spells because spells have a cooldown while attacking with mele or ranged weapons dosn’t wich means you can deal more high sustained damage than focusing all the time on your spells.

I see spells on Zeratul as an offset of his mele assasin capabilities to focus on heroes, He can crit, attack faster have life-steal and teleport out of danger, he is very mobile and more likely to do well in mele combat not to mention he is invisible.

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