Bitcoin Taxing

I do not agree with Bitcoin being taxed by the government, yes it should be legal to mine bitcoin, yes it should be legal to be traded , but a tax about 10% to exchange bitcoin on Romanian grounds is very high if you ask me.
I do not agree with any taxing at all of bitcoin in two cases.
1. bitcoin is decentralised.
2. Bitcoin is an anti-government currency.
It was actually made for the government to not be capable of gaining profits from it.
But because Satoshi Nakamoto left bitcoin as it is and passed his idea to another.
This could actually mean that the government could clearly make profits out of this then they should support us by making lower electricity fees.
In order for us to make a living out of bitcoin we should actually gain more profit and lower the fees.
Ok you can tax it 10% but lower the electricity bill so we could also gain profit.
I think it is fair enough.
Less electricity fee less money loss.
The lower we have to pay for our income, the higher the profits are, did you think that you could take 10% of our profits and get away with them like snap?
Low budget on the electricity bill is incoming.
Lower the electricity tax and maximize bitcoin profits.
You cannot just take take take from everywhere you can, and not give something back in return, it is our electricity and it is our bitcoin this meaning it is our money you are playing with.
This is a monetary revolution you are experiencing right now.
When you tax something so valuable, don’t get frustrated when you see yourself in the mirror in the morning.
For what?