Not every loss is a loss, sometimes you win sometimes you earn.

Sometimes you win, and sometimes you learn or earn in the terms that I speak, sometimes you win the battle and sometimes the battle wins you.
This is karma and the karmic law is this way.
If you lose something it was never meant to be in your possession from the beginning so why stress yourself about it anyway?
Why stress yourself about something you cannot even control?
Why stress yourself about your life when you can’t even see if you are going to be alive to see another tomorrow.
You just assume you will live to see tomorrow but you never know if you’re actually going to see it do you?
You may never know if tomorrow ever will come, and you live with the fear that you might die any day even today.
You live in fear that every day can be your last day on this earth.
You live in fear that this day can be your last day with us.
You live in fear because you don’t know what’s on the other side of today, you don’t know what’s on the other side of tomorrow either, the tables can turn real quick on you and you have to act fast if you’re going to catch the change of survival, and if not, you’re already dead to us.
If you’re not going to catch the chance at survival you are already dead, do you know why?
Because you’re not actually living your best life are you?
You’re just a plain old boring guy with a save desk job who does not care about the inflation or global warming or either this pandemic.
You’re just a plain old broken guy who seeks revenge on your fellow people that once cared about you and now you’re hunting them down like unsuspecting prey to the tiger or lion.
You’re hunting them down because they hurt you and you need to step back and take a moment to taste on this beautiful and meaningful revenge that you’re consuming right now.
This revenge that you take on other people is not meaningless.
Treating people with the same disrespect that they treated you means you have matured enough for your survival instincts to kick in when you feel like you’re in danger.
So actually what revenge is is that it actually is a survival instinct, you are actually going to survive the pandemic probably and you are probably going to survive even another day in your live, but I’m going to tell your what you won’t actually survive, and that is your last day on this earth.
No one is going to survive his last day on earth that is for sure.
I am certain that neither am I going to survive that.
It is painful and awful to see things this way but it is necessary for our own growth and development.
To see and manage any obstacle with ease.
Turn the tables on them, and use every rock and adversity thrown at you in your own advantage, this is the way I see it.
Turn the rocks they threw at you into stepping stones for your own success.
Let them hate, let them blame, actually it’s their own fault they got right there in the first place isn’t it?
Well to hell with them because they don’t matter to me anymore, they’re as good as dead men and women to me.
Nobody escapes death and we are all equal in front of it.
We are all equal in front of death, it does not matter your social status or your financial status when death comes you will know it but it will be too late to see it.
It will be too late to do something about it, do you know why?
Because you will end up there even if you want to or not.
Death does not ask for permission when coming, it just comes and that’s that.
Thank you for watching and listening to me, I love you all friends.