I want to make more followers and viewers to my blog

In order for us to make more followers and viewers to our blog we must firstly post original content, not copied from another place and paste it to our blog, this is not how blogging works although you could actually do that, that is not original content.
In order for us to attract more people to our blog or website we must be willing to pay the price of originality and visual/virtual content.
We must make this content very approachable to people and not be misleading in our words and actions, we must be very careful about what we write to our people because they might understand your words but they might not get the essence of the words you are typing, for example if you post a comment on my blog or my youtube channel and it is not getting a reply what do you do?
Nothing, right?
You do nothing because you do not know what to do.
This is the same with writing, when you write you write and you still write you get no comments no appreciation on what so ever you are talking about on your blog, am I right?
Wrong, if you post bullshit all the time how can people read you I mean what credibility do you still have with them and with the people you are writing to?
There is no credibility left for you to give.
There is nothing left for you to give because you have none, just like a beggar living without a home, there is you standing watching me as a write doing nothing without a blog.
So my first advice to you is that you would build your blog just like I did, and do it for free at the beginning and after a while money will come but you have to be patient with it just like I am right now.
For example I have other sources of income like bitcoin for example, you can click the link and it will send you to build your own mining pool.
You can mine bitcoin for example for cash anytime you want you just have to start to get started right?
Bitcoin is actually free money so you don’t have to do anything for them you just start mining and it’s all yours all you need is a wallet to get them stashed somewhere and after that you sell them at market price.
Bitcoin is really easy to use and anyone can do that on any computer with less or more performance but the important fact is that it is virtual money and it is yours.
You can also trade it for real money if you want and get a reasonable price for it, so why not try it today?
What could possibly go wrong I mean it is easy to mine , fast, reliable source of income, and very expensive when you sell it.
You get alot of cash just for keeping your PC up and running all the time what more could you possibly want from a computer or he internet if not to make money for you?
I mean that’s what machines are made for, to work for us, to make life easier for us.
In fact I’m going to put it like this, black people are not the 21st century slaves anymore because machines are.
Machines are the 21st century slaves not black people anymore.
So please take good care of our equipment because we need them all.
God bless you all, may peace rest in your hearts forever, Amen.
It all starts small but it ends out big.
We all need that tiny snowball to be thrown into the mountain peak just to reach the bottom as an avalanche.
If you know what I’m saying 😉
When you feel the need to speak listen to this.